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Customs Clearance Felixstowe

24/7 UK customs clearance service is offered for import and export declarations across Felixstowe.

Are you searching for a customs clearance agent? Do you need help working your way through the paperwork associated with the busiest container port in the UK? Do you need help arranging customs clearance for your items?

If so, our team here in Felixstowe have been offering customs brokerage services for several years; over this time, we have honed and perfected our customs procedures. Working in every major UK port has given us the complete understanding we need to provide you with the export clearances and import clearance services we are known for.

For ‘customs clearance Felixstowe’ you should choose our team here at Libra Cargo; we have experience in cargo arriving safely and securely from Felixstowe and other ports across the UK.

The port of Felixstowe is one of our regular locations; working within the guidance given by different government departments, we can help you with anything you need.

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Customs Clearance In Dover

Customs Clearance Agent Felixstowe. 

Customer service is an area where our team at Libra Cargo excels. We wish to walk you through the process step by step; we know the complexities and complications and can explain them to you.

Our team here in Felixstowe port can work with all government departments, DEFRA Port Health and across the European Union and the Forestry commission; we can offer customs clearance for a vast range of products and companies, meaning no matter what your company sells, we can help get the correct documentation required.

Our top concern is ensuring that your imports and exports from our Felixstowe port arrive at their destination quickly and without incident. It is well-known that the port of Felixstowe is one of the busiest container ports in Europe; with our expertise, you can tackle this port without worry.

It may be a minefield of issues, questions, and queries if you need to know what you’re doing. For this reason, you should choose our team at Libra Cargo.

Customs Clearance (Brexit)

Since the UK departed from the EU, some regulations and requirements within specific industries have changed and require quality support and guidance. Hence, customs clearance of your goods avoids any unexpected delays at the time of shipping.

We are fluent in all the latest industry changes, keeping us one step ahead. Hence, you are aware of everything needed in advance of your shipping departures, removing the impact, stress and costs delays can have overall.

Reliable And Innovative Customs Clearance In Dover

Customs Brokerage

Our team offer import and export customs brokerage services to clients in a range of locations across the UK, such as Dover, Felixstowe, Hull, Grangemouth, Liverpool, Immingham, Tilbury and Teesport. Our skilled customs agents are available to clear your shipments around the clock. We ensure that all customs procedures are completed on time and fully compliant with the law.

Customs Consultancy

Every business has requirements, although small businesses with low export/import volumes frequently have more. We will carefully evaluate your demands and collaborate to develop the best import-export strategy to support your company’s growth.


If necessary, we can ensure that your products can be stored in facilities where customs have given the go-ahead. We offer assistance for a variety of warehouse activities. You must chat with our staff regarding services like warehousing because every port in the UK is unique, including Felixstowe.

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Choose Libra Cargo Today For ‘Customs Clearance Felixstowe’

Are you a Felixstowe business owner? Do you deal with your company’s imports, or do you have duties to export goods or items? Understanding the procedures for customs clearance can be difficult, especially when dealing with UK ports, as opposed to airports, where the procedures are more straightforward.

However, with our assistance, you can ensure that your products arrive on schedule, safely, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We at Libra Cargo are a recognised forwarder with years of experience using Destin8 and CNS Compass to manage customs clearance at all UK ports, including Felixstowe, one of the busiest European ports.

To ensure the fast delivery of your shipment, we have interfaces built up with the Customs CHIEF and CDS systems. We can ensure the delivery goes off without a hitch if you only cooperate with us and give us a deadline.

Our Felixstowe-based agents are available at all times. We can be reached immediately by phone, email, or through our website with questions or concerns about the complexities of the customs clearance process.

Contact our staff immediately for effective and knowledgeable customs clearance services in Felixstowe.

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