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Customs Clearance Dover

24/7 UK customs clearance service is offered for import and export declarations across Dover.

Have you struggled to understand Dover’s new customs clearance services since Brexit? Do you need help arranging customs clearance for your items? If so, our team here in Dover have been offering customs brokerage services for several years; over this time, we have honed and perfected our customs procedures.

For ‘customs clearance Dover’ you should choose our team here at Libra Cargo; we have experience in cargo arriving safely and securely from Dover and other ports across the UK.

If you want to find out more about the customs clearance solutions we can provide you here in Dover, you need to pick up the phone. We are always happy to work with our clients to ensure all import and export solutions are delivered to the highest quality.

Customs Clearance Dover
Customs Clearance In Dover

Customs Clearance Dover. Hassle-free Customs Clearance with Libra Cargo

One of the areas our team here at Libra Cargo excel is customer service; we want to guide you through the process every step of the way; we understand the complexities and complications and can explain this to you. This can be done with a commercial invoice for both import and export services that can include shipment taxes and explain reliable information on your deferment account.

Our priority is that your imports or exports reach their final destination efficiently and hassle-free from our Dover port. It is a well-known fact that the port in Dover is one of the busiest in Europe; it can be a minefield of complications, questions and queries if you do not know what you are doing; that is why you should choose our team here at Libra Cargo.

Customs Clearance (Brexit)

Since the UK departed from the EU, some regulations and requirements within specific industries have changed and require quality support and guidance. Hence, customs clearance of your goods avoids any unexpected delays at the time of shipping.

We are fluent in all the latest industry changes, keeping us one step ahead. Hence, you are aware of everything needed in advance of your shipping departures, removing the impact, stress and costs delays can have overall.

Reliable And Innovative Customs Clearance In Dover

Customs Brokerage

Our team offer import and export customs brokerage services to clients in a range of locations across the UK, such as Dover, Felixstowe, Hull, Grangemouth, Liverpool, Immingham, Tilbury and Teesport. On a 24/7 basis, our knowledgeable customs agents are prepared to clear your shipments. We guarantee complete customs compliance while ensuring all customs procedures are on time.

Customs Consultancy

Every firm has unique needs, but small enterprises with low export/import volumes often have more. We will thoroughly assess your needs and work with you to create the finest import-export strategy to help your business succeed.


If necessary, we can ensure that your products can be kept in warehouses that have received customs approval. We provide support for many different warehouse operations. For services such as warehousing, you will need to speak to our team because every port in the UK is different.

Shipment Cargo Services Dover

Choose Our Customs Clearance Agents Here In Dover

Are you based in Dover? Do you have duties to get products or items exported, or do you work with your company’s imports? It can be challenging to understand the processes around customs clearance, more so with UK ports rather than airports which have a more straightforward process, but with our help, you can ensure your products arrive safely and within the rules and regulations on time.

Here at Libra Cargo, we are a reputable forwarder with many years of experience managing customs clearance through all UK ports, including Dover, the busiest port in Europe, and other destinations worldwide using Destin8 and CNS Compass.

Additionally, we have interfaces set up with the Customs CHIEF and CDS systems to guarantee the prompt delivery of your cargo. All you have to do is work with us and provide us with a specific date, and we can ensure that delivery goes ahead smoothly!

Our agents here in Dover can be contacted directly via telephone, our website or via email at any time and are available to provide guidance and advice regarding the complexities surrounding the customs clearance process.

Speak to our team today for efficient and professional customs clearance services in Dover.

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